The easiest way to make an appointment!

Manage your business and customers in one place

working with calendar? Customers? You are exactly the right place,
The service that helps you run the business, the customer base and allows customers to make appointments themselves through a simple and smart app!

A simple way to plan your diary and always be in touch with customers!

The service that makes organizing your appointment diary easy and efficient, and adds a lot of capabilities that until now were reserved only for the largest businesses.

From today you can too!

100% independence for customers

The app allows your customers to always stay up to date on what really matters! And on the way also book an appointment independently easily and quickly. Ahh also change, cancel, replace and basically what is most convenient, easily and efficiently!

100% Automatic

Point works automatically, which means you do not have to do anything. We take care of everything, no need to document appointments / phone lists / keep a diary.

Always connected

Get real-time updates on scheduling cancellations and entering new customers!

Maintaining privacy

The most important thing for us is to maintain your privacy, so we have chosen to use a modern and advanced secure system!

Everything in the cloud

At Point Log is stored in a smart cloud system so you can access your data anytime, anywhere!

Easy and convenient for your customers too

Point offers the easiest user interface to use for both the business owner and the customer.

Business owners report from the field: "At Point is easiest to determine!"

  • Easy and convenient user interface
  • Quick contact with the business
  • History Customer orders
  • Reminders and appointments alerts
  • Possibility to work with unregistered clients
  • Supports customer health statement
  • Zoom link support for meeting

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A variety of advanced features that will help you work

A variety of types of services

We at Point want to give you the full answer to the needs of your business and customers, so we have developed a variety of types of queues:

Regular queue

Queues suitable for a wide range of professions, support for split queues, repeat queues, extension and shortening queues and more

Group event

Create an event queue and allow customers to register for the event

How much does it costs?
Free! or premium with full support!

we know that your business is important to you!

so there is no limitation within our app!

The app is free for use

And another premium option for additional services!


Free and always free!

0₪ / Forever

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  • scheduling meetings
  • no customers limit
  • no services limit
  • reminders
  • sending SMS for unregistered customers
  • sending notifications for registered customers
  • customers interface
  • group event
  • contacts import



85₪ / monthly

Get Started
  • all basic free features
  • support all work day
  • Business Consulting
  • Business Tips every month
  •  monthly hour with Business expert
  • monthly hour on Business Plan
  • app guidance
  • app usage tutorials in person
  • and much more

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